Asha – Entrepreneurship Program

· August 18, 2021

The program is focussed on entrepreneurs and owners who are seekers and would like to expand, explore, and gain contextual perspectives in aspects of how they lead, manage themselves, solve problems, and take decisions while exploring areas of strategy, execution, people, marketing, supply chain, technology, and management.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding and developing critical leadership competencies
  • Building and sustaining teams aligned to the organization’s vision and mission
  • Finding answers to entrepreneurial challenges by sharing in the group and getting diverse perspectives.
  • Gives you the time and tools to take a pause and reflect on the business.
  • Creates a rich discussion-oriented environment to closely look at the real issues hidden behind your problems.
  • Distills the most effective management ideas prevalent across the world into simple, practical frameworks.
  • Helps you work on removing the obstacles that stop your business from reaching its full potential.
  • Helps you strength the practice of conscious-continuous learning through – Action, Reflection, and Silence


Not Enrolled

Program Includes

  • 29 Sessions
  • 85 Resources

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