10 learners, 3h of weekly group learning, 10 Sessions

The context of work is changing – within the world of business, education – within the  socio, political mega trends- within the environmental changes. The Future of Work is about dealing with the changes and challenges these shifts bring, by taking responsibility for our own learning. Fundamentally, it integrates work and learning- with the practice of reflection, action & silence- within the context of our intentions, challenges, role and opportunities.  

Learning Outcomes

  • Prepare yourself to navigate through the challenges of 21st-century work(when work gets reorganized as multidisciplinary projects), finding practices to become an innovative and continuous learner in new working environments(like WFH)
  • You explore your own meaning of work and discover the right work which is connected to your own swabhav(nature), finding the value it brings to you
  • You learn to become a master at managing different roles, balancing work with various aspects of your life
  • You expedite the impact of your work, learning to build the right competencies and great work relationships, leading through abilities to include, communicate and resolve conflicts

Program Content

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Program Includes

  • 9 Sessions
  • 33 Resources
  • 7 Reflections

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