3h of weekly group learning, 10 Sessions Health is a holy grail – everyone chases it. Just as a flower naturally turns toward the sun, so too are people naturally drawn to the idea of better health. In other words, it is intrinsic for humans to desire to be healthier. There is a lot that comes in the way of us being healthy – our limiting beliefs and mental blocks and patterns, complacency, vices and stubborn habits, lack of time, lifestyle choices among others. Our circumstance is critical when it comes to health. Our feelings of anxiety, depression, worry or joy and calm, the health situation in our communities and in our own personal lives have significant and a variety of effects on our ability to understand health and stay healthy. This is no different in recent times, as the whole of humanity deals with the Covid-19 crisis, whereby numerous health issues have surfaced across strata of society. As, ‘Health’ can be a tremendously vast area – this may leave an aspirant feeling directionless, confused, and helpless. Given that health needs are unique for all of us, take a self-directed approach to holistic health, using self-awareness and one’s inner compass as primary tools to navigate through and transform the areas concerning one’s health.

Learning Outcomes

  • You will learn about ‘Wellness’ in a holistic way, taking into account its various dimensions, namely physical, mental and emotional, environmental and social, as well as spiritual.
  • Become aware of your unique wellness needs
  • Equip yourself with a guiding framework that can be customized to your specific needs. Explore areas of movement, nourishment, sleep, vices, stress, lifestyle disorder, and how they relate to your relationships with others and yourself.
  • Build a road map to your self-transformation
  • Make it easier for yourself to become healthier

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