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Nidhi April 20, 2022

Creatnet Learning Loop – Knowing my Nature




This is a Creatnet Learning Loop* that helps you learn about your personality by receiving both self-feedback and also peer feedback to understand how your friends / family perceive your personality to be.


  1. Rate each of the following statements with the options that best describe your own opinion of what you feel is true for you.
  2. After completing the assessment for yourself you must then share the same link to your peer/ peers who you reasonably know well.
  3. After they click on the link, instruct your peer/friend to choose : a) Are you taking this assessment for – A peer b) On the field named – Enter email id of your peer, ask your peer to enter the same email id that you had used to fill in the form(for self)
  4. Upon the submission of the form for both you and your peer, you will get a detailed report  on how you viewed your personality to be versus how your peer or family perceived it to be.
  5. Click here to engage with the learning loop – Knowing my Nature Assessment.

*Creatnet Learning Loops are designed to help us provide a language of awareness for our current reality and learn. The purpose is to enable a self-feedback and peer feedback to create self and other awareness and learning. It aims to inform us about what we are able to be/do and diagnoses what we still need to understand and progress towards. In a non-judgemental way, we can bring authenticity and objectivity about one’s own uniqueness and move towards our pathways to progress. Read more about Creatnet Learning Loops.