About Us

Creatnet Learning Center is a center to enable lifelong, continuous, and conscious learning in all self-driven learners.

Why Continuous and Conscious learning?

Any species to survive needs to continuously adapt to the changes in their environment. Adapting and navigating through changes requires a continuous propensity to learn as human  beings. By constantly assessing our learning needs, we have a unique ability to consciously design our learning path in a responsive way.

Learning is a process of action, reflection and silence.

We learn everyday. In everything we do,  we also contemplate, contrast, and connect with multiple beliefs. However, most of that learning remains invisible to us.

Reflection and action  thus become crucial elements in the learning cycle. As people, we can have an orientation to either reflect before acting or act before reflecting on our actions. While silence enables us to embody the knowledge and makes learning a part of us.



COS, ce becomes volunteer led

A growing network of Leaders who are learners

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Organizational executives
  • Principals
  • Teachers
  • Youth


A start to the Young Leaders Program

Recognizing a growing aspiration for discovering their potential by youth, in the absence of colleges which could support their learning, the YLP’s first cohort of 10 learners got initiated.


Emerging leadership makes CE reach all 1024 govt. Schools of Delhi

A ripple effect saw Creatnet education to reach all principals of Delhi government school with the support of SCERT in the form of group learning programs. In agreement with our philosophy of leadership development, many principals who originally participated in the program were now facilitators of learning with Creatnet Education and SCERT.


Beginning of entrepreneurial Coaching and organizational development interventions

Responding to an emergent need of business owners or entrepreneurs for weekly interaction, a coaching program was initiated. More interventions into developing a learning culture in organizations saw expansion of Creatnet’s work as org development consultants.


Principals taking a lead, CE scaling to developing 100 principals

OMP reaching its 7th cohort

This program’s success led to Creatnet Education getting further involved in the field. Its next leadership program in 2014, which was managed by SCERT, had 108 school principals attending.


Incubation of Creatnet Education
A group of 10 school principals from South West Zone Delhi collected one day to discuss their common challenges. Leading to a 18 month long program during which principals met once a month to create and implement their school’s vision. The focus on enabling real learning for students through better involvement of teachers, parents and community members.



Launch of the Social Entrepreneurship Program and Program for executives
As the second cohort of OMP were building leadership in areas of strategy, operations, people, a need was felt for such a program to reach to early stage entrepreneurs, passionate about a social cause. Social Entrepreneurship Program and its subsequent 2 cohorts were initiated between 2010-12.

Parallely EMAM was launched to enable the unique learning needs of organizational executives and a second line of managers.


Launch of the Owner Manager Program
10 entrepreneurs started learning about looking at a business as a whole. Motivated to enable business owners to actuate their leadership and enable a culture of learning in their organizations, this year-long program got kicked off by Darshan Bhatt.