3h of weekly group learning, 10 Sessions Money is such an important part of our lives. We get shaped by how the money flows into our environment. Our beliefs are shaped by what our parents think and say and when we compare the effect of money all around us- friends, families, and society. Our education system does not give us many ideas of how we should look at managing money and our finances and even less of a perspective towards money itself. We have to discover everything ourselves, which is rather unfortunate We definitely need to be financially literate. Starting early is key to success- but it’s never too late. Whatever age you are at, whichever stage of life you may be at, you can help yourself and the next generation to be better placed and more prepared. In VUCA times, when economic uncertainty and disparity have grown manifold, we need to be educated about money and how it impacts our lives in various ways, starting with ourselves.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build self-awareness about the idea of money, deconstructing, and looking deeply at one’s belief systems and needs with regard to money
  • Learn to put the right value to one’s work, identifying one’s financial goals and ways to plan one’s financial future
  • Discover pathways to financial freedom, through avenues of investing and becoming aware of the economic shifts which happen globally, building systemic awareness
  • Navigate through the discomforts in relationships due to the aspect of money, becoming more sensitive and comfortable to educate the next generation regarding the same.

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