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Assessment: A discovery of myself

Sharique June 10, 2021

Assessment: A discovery of myself


This is an assessment that helps you learn about your where you are in your journey of growth and also shares how your friends/family perceive you as a leader. It is required for you to complete this after attending the first session.

Click on the link given below and choose the option: Taking the assessment for yourself.

  1. Rate each of the following statements with the options that best describe your own opinion of what you feel is true for you.
  2. After completing the assessment for yourself you must then share the same link to your peer who you reasonably know well. Please complete the assessment for yourself first.
  3. Share the same email id that you had used to access yourself with your peer/family member/colleague.
  4. After they click on the link, instruct your peer/friend to choose: Taking this assessment for your peer.
  5. Upon their submission of the form, you will get a detailed report on how you viewed your listening to be versus how your peer/family/friend perceived it to be.

Take the assessment by clicking here

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